Façade Remediation Services

Due to changes in Government legislation deeming the existing facade of buildings non-compliant in relation to Fire Safety, it has become priority to ensure these buildings are not only compliant with building codes and structural standards but also to the current fire regulations to mitigate risks and prevent accidents.

This is where DMC Group are the market leaders in the removal, remediation and installation of façade systems throughout the UK and recognise that staying up to date with current legislation is key to ensuring a building is compliant with Fire Safety regulations.

Fire Safety compliancy is crucial for several reasons:

Life Safety: The primary concern is protecting the lives of occupants. Compliant fire safety measures reduce the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire. When buildings adhere to safety standards, occupants have a better chance of safely evacuating during emergencies.

Property Protection: Non-compliant structures can suffer extensive damage during fires. By following fire safety guidelines, property owners can minimize the destruction caused by flames, smoke, and heat.

Legal Obligations: Building codes and fire regulations are legally binding. Compliance ensures that property owners, designers, and construction professionals meet their legal responsibilities. Failure to comply can result in penalties, fines, or legal action.

Risk Mitigation: Fire safety compliance mitigates risks associated with fire outbreaks. It prevents fires from starting or spreading and ensures that evacuation routes are available. Regular inspections and adherence to safety protocols reduce the likelihood of accidents.

What we can do to help you…

DMC Group are on hand with the knowledge of fire safety standards which is essential to prevent accidents, protect lives, and safeguard property. We will be there from initial investigations right through to design, manufacture and completion of the works.

Due-diligence plays a big role in the investigations of a building that falls into the category of Fire Safety non compliance.

DMC Group will undertake an initial investigation survey of the building and its existing condition, along with gathering some basic design information on the support system and existing facade materials.

We will work hand in hand with the appointed Fire Engineer to enable them to perform a Fire Risk Analysis of the External Wall (FRAEW) or further investigations if required.

The outcome of these investigations will be the base for the design strategy and remediation works.

The finalised design will take into consideration the strict requirements of Part B, cost, performance, durability, life expectancy and appearance.

In a building, the facade is the most important feature from a design standpoint. The facade sets the aesthetic element and tone of the structure. Facades provide protection, comfort from elements and impact energy efficiency. Therefor a design package will be presented to the client for approval before any works begin for complete transparency and communication.

All works will be carried out with minimum disruption possible by our talented team of Project Managers, Site Managers & Installers and delivered to the highest standard. As always with any of our projects DMC will maintain full quality assurance records which for your peace of mind will always be readily available for viewing.

From customisation in the field of engineering through logistics solutions to the project implementation, we are here to help you.