Enabling Works & Decarbonisation

We specialise in construction site enabling works which render difficult sites suitable for development. DMC offer pre-construction / enabling works advice to complete facade retention solutions.

Site remediation and enabling works address the following areas:

  • Sites secured within 24h
  • Isolation of existing services
  • Demolition work and removal of structures
  • Removal of hazardous materials
  • Removal of below ground obstructions
  • Recycling of all aggregates for 6f2 & 6f1

Strip Out Services

DMC Group Contractors provide strip out services for renovation, refurbishment and demolition projects, supplying a total service from simple removal of fixtures and fittings to the design and removal of complex structural elements, such as the removal of floors, ceilings and sections of wall to removal of lifts, Stair cases and bank volts. We employ various methods of diamond sawing and drilling, and the use of robotic excavators (Brokks).

As with all our services we maintain the highest of standards independent to the size or complexity of the contract. Health and safety is consistently at the forefront with environmental issues permanently under consideration to ensure every contract is completed with regulation compliance as a bare minimum.

Our careful monitoring and control of Health & Safety and the minimisation of Environmental Impacts ensures that we deliver our service with the comprehensive consideration that our clients require from their supply chains; we understand the importance of recycling site waste and reclaiming materials.

Facade Retention

DMC Group Contractors  are fully versed in the complex field of Facade Retention. We have developed our capabilities to provide façade retention and temporary propping services within all demolition contract packages.

Complete removal of internals which involves extreme precision, and close monitoring of the Retained Facade. The expert handling of façade retention and façade removal methodology is particularly important when dealing with all historical buildings also other listed and protected structures keeping the buildings character intact.

These types of services typically  involve temporary weather proofing or underpinning structures on a temporary basis in which DMC Group can design bespoke support systems to ensure that structural integrity is maintained and the fabric of historically significant buildings is preserved. We work closely with our structural engineer for all design and support work to come to the best resolution for your project.

  • Façade retention/removal service
  • Design and installation of temporary works
  • Underpinning
  • Temporary weather proofing


The UK Government’s recent climate change legislation and the ambitious carbon targets from funders and end users, are encouraging developers and their design teams to look at exactly where carbon is contained within construction projects and where it can be reduced.

DMC Group is fully invested in the need to move away from the current “throwaway” culture, where it is often cheaper and easier to disregard an item rather than reuse it in its current form.

DMC Group are continuously working on new ways to improve their carbon footprint with the following 6 strategies being made company standard.