Cladding Services

DMC Group's professional cladding sector offer a full range of services from cladding replacement including remediation to new build developments.

We provide end-to-end service and expertise, be it supporting the client, producing mock-ups, feasibility studies, programming and technical assistance. We have the expertise to help you achieve your project goals for all your cladding needs.

DMC Group are principle contractors within the facade industry for all required cladding services. This ranges from part/full remediation packages, simple re-cladding or fresh new builds to achieve the clients desired finish. 

DMC Group's Structural Engineer will provide calculations to ensure the design is not only robust but it also meets the criteria to comply with the current regulations and CWCT guidance.

DMC Group will always will take into consideration thermal expansion, thermal efficiency (U-value), movement, water diversion, acoustic performances and the aesthetic demands of the client. These items will always be incorporated into design whilst working along side the manufacturers to create innovative cost effective solutions.

On any re-cladding and/or remediation project DMC Group will always ensure a dilapidation survey is carried out to confirm the current condition of the existing façade and build up. Generally these are performed in conjunction with a Fire Risk Analysis of the External Wall  (FRAEW) which will be executed by an appointed Fire Engineer.

Our external cladding supply and installation services include systems utilising an extensive variety of different cladding materials. 

We work with some of the industry’s leading cladding manufacturers, in order to create innovative cost effective solutions with a consistent flawless finish across all of our projects.

DMC Group boast an impressive array of external cladding systems. Examples below:

Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) Aluminium

Solid Aluminium Panel coated in Polyester powder coating which is a surface finish applied to the aluminium, it can be obtainable in every RAL or BS colour to give the desired finish.

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised Aluminium Panel. Anodising involves thickening and toughening the naturally occurring protective oxide outer layer of the material. It creates a hard, barrier-like surface that is more durable than the untreated aluminium. Anodised aluminium can be dyed a variety of colours, including black, silver and gold.

Stone cladding

Stone cladding is a thin layer of stone used to create a textured appearance to a property. Stone cladding on the outside of a property will give the impression that the building is made entirely of stone.

Corium Brick Slip

Brick slip cladding is used to replicate the appearance of modern clay facing external brick walls. The system is composed of fired clay extruded brick tiles which are clipped into longitudinally interlocking steel backing sections.

Terracotta cladding

Terracotta cladding is made by natural clay providing certain degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance while creating an aesthetically pleasing facade.

Copper cladding

Copper cladding offers exceptional longevity and requires minimal maintenance while giving of a richer copper tone look.

Zinc cladding

Zinc cladding is a type of metal cladding. Zinc has a naturally shiny finish but can be chemically treated to alter its appearance slightly.

Emergency Cladding Removal

DMC Group offer an emergency cladding removal service where the flammable cladding will be removed and replaced with a temporary non-flammable board such as cembrit to instantly reduce the fire risk to a building giving time to then finalise the design process.

DMC Group Contractors Ltd was one of the first contractors in the county to be appointed to start the removal of flammable cladding and to date with have removed over 200,000 m² of defected ACM.